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Organizational Focus:  Developing First-year Teachers

The Center for Urban Teacher Development has prioritized teacher development as its highest priority, as outlined in the organization's strategic plan. 

Please review our First-year Teacher Development Plan.   

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The mission of CUTD is to enhance school districts’ high-quality evaluation and teacher support processes to promote teacher performance improvement and retention.

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Education serves as a strong foundation that enables every student to not only acquire new knowledge but also secure a better tomorrow. The Center for Urban Teacher Development, located in Chicago, Illinois, can help you enhance the quality of education in your institution. Our primary focus is the growth and development of new teachers; however, we support school districts, school leaders, and teachers in their endeavor to guide young people toward academic excellence and accepted social behavior. 

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Who We Are

The Center for Urban Teacher Development has a three-prong approach to this work; it consists of the following: a) work with school districts and their evaluation systems to identify ways to support school leaders, school-wide planning and strategic support for new teachers; b) provide quality professional learning opportunities and support to building leaders around new teacher support systems and school-wide performance improvement issues; and, c) provide coaching support to new teachers along with relevant and targeted staff development around core classroom management concepts.

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Our Services

What We Provide

At Center for Urban Teacher Development, we’ve worked hard to offer smart, flexible and affordable services that benefit all of our customers. No matter what your needs are, our team of experts will go out of their way to customize our solutions to exceed your expectations. Browse through our list of services, and call us today to book an introductory meeting.

The Center offers the following services, supports, and professional learning:

  • Comprehensive instructional planning

  • How to build an effective classroom system

  • Instructional Coaching 

  • Leadership team coaching

  • How to become a facilitator of learning

  • Response to Intervention planning 

  • Creating a culturally relevant learning environment

  • Support around the teacher evaluation model

  • Using student perception data to create a strong school environment

  • Educating today's "wired" student

  • Classroom Culture and Community Building

  • Leadership team training and support

  • School improvement planning support 

  • Building strong instructional and leadership teams

  • Improving teacher performance

  • Keynote speaker (school kick-off or significant event)

  • How to create a culture of engagement

  • Building strong community connections

  • Other educational ideas, i.e., Differentiated Instruction, Personalized Learning, Micro Learning, etc.

  • Best literacy strategies for students who struggle and how to implement them

  • providing engaging work for those with disabilities

  • New Teacher Support

  • How to get students to ask quality questions

  • The Tipping Point: Why you only have the first few days of school to establish your leadership in the classroom

  • Building and Developing Students' Social Capacity

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